sanjay Patel
$sanjay Patel is an energetic and adventurous boy who lives with his loving family in the suburban town of Lundgren. One day, while exploring the local park, Sanjay meets a talking snake named Craig. Craig is a lively and charismatic reptile who loves to get up to mischief and have a good time.
sanjay Patel
$sanjay and Craig quickly become best friends and embark on all sorts of wacky adventures together. From skateboard competitions to treasure hunts, there's never a dull moment when these two are together. Sanjay's parents are initially wary of their son's new friend, but eventually come to see the positive impact Craig has on their son's life.

$sanjay and Craig's adventures are filled with humor, heart, and lots of hilarious shenanigans. The dynamic between the two is infectious and their friendship is sure to warm the hearts of viewers young and old.
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